PCA Summer Show Identity
This project is the creation of the visual identity for Plymouth College of Art's Summer Show. Eliot Sleep worked with YCN Studios to create advertisements and documentation for a huge exhibition showcasing the best of graduate work.
Earlier in 2014 a competition was held at Plymouth College of Art, the winner of the competition was able to design the visual identity for the 2014 Summer Show. Eliot was fortunate enough to have his design concept chosen to represent Plymouth College of Art’s Summer Show this year.
The final poster concept that was used as advertisement around Plymouth.
The triple-drop posters that were used on the college building to advertise the event.
The project had Eliot working with a London-based design studio, YCN Studios to finalise his designs.
The graphical concept was then used across all platforms of the show, including advertisements, signage and web elements.
How the triple-drop poster looked on Adobe Illustrator before it had been printed.
Eliot with his large-scale poster design.

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