Auspect: Respect for Autism - Awareness Campaign
Auspect is the brand created by Eliot Sleep to raise awareness of autism. His aim was to inform people on the growing number of people affected by the disorder, as well as teaching them about autistic people.
"During the final year of Eliot's degree, he was asked to manage a project that would run until the end of his studies. Eliot created Auspect, which was the company that were going to be responsible for raising awareness for children with autism." 
The final logo design. An approachable logo that suggests helping people through speech.
Branding: Experimentation & Development
The branding for this campaign had to illustrate an approachable and friendly company. Utilising the social difficulties people with autism suffer from, and with the hope that this brand would speak out for the autistic community, I decided to experiment with "speech".
The second aspect of this experimental stage was the letter "A". Not only did it relate to autism, I felt the first letter of the alphabet portrayed importance and success.
Posters & Documentation
To accompany the brand message, there needed to be documentation that reflected the identity. I created posters that related to the autistic spectrum in a visual way. Business cards were designed to resemble each of the five senses, which related directly to the sensory difficulties autisitc people encounter.
Visual Poster Concepts: The first relating directly to the autistic spectrum, also carries a powerful message claiming how we are all effected by the disorder in some form. The second highlights how roughly 1 in 100 people are autistic, this is shown with a series of dots.
Informative Booklet
The informative booklet was the main part of the Auspect project. It collaborated information I had researched in the form of a dissertation, interviews with autism specialists and visual information and graphics to help readers digest such a intense subject.
Front Cover: Dots identity continued from poster design. Shows a gradual change of dots, resembling people who accept and understand autism.
Informative section: The front of the book would introduce people who knew little about autism to the disorder in a creative way.
Interviews: The photo-based section that I was fortunate enough to include. Thanks to the kind people who provided me with their own way of expressing autism.
Stickers: Illustrative stickers I created in hope to target a wider audience at the exhibition.
Thanks for looking at my project!

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